Our Story

I say “our story” because even though I create all of the jewelry, many of the stones I use in pendants are cut and polished by my other half, Steve. We have visited various sites to collect stones as well as purchased rough material. That said, I do purchase some cabochons already cut and polished. I just can't say no to a pretty stone!

I create pendants inspired by the natural beauty of stones using mixed metals including fine silver and copper to weave a setting that complements the individual stone. Wire-weaving, conventional wire techniques, and occasional metalsmithing contribute to each design. I am constantly learning and observing traditional and more modern techniques, both to employ them and as an exploration into further creation.

Other adornments include earrings, simple wire-wrapped charms/pendants, ear climbers and circlets. Bookmarks made with stone or glass dangles and sparkling suncatchers created with prisms.


Favorite Stones

My favorites stones are typically found in limited geographic areas and some are getting quite difficult to find.

Regional Favorites:
Lake Superior Agate
Kona Dolomite, Upper Michigan
Wisconsin Jade
Michigan Greenstone (Chlorastrolite, a variety of pumpellyite), Upper Michigan
Petoskey Stone

A few of my favorite regional "stones" are in fact a form of upcycling or recycling what was once considered waste material. These include:
"Fordite" - layers of paint overspray from manufacturing
Firebrick, Upper Michigan - hot molten copper infused the bricks of the smelter chimneys
Slag glass such as Leland Blue or Pioneer Swirl -  glassy remains leftover from smelting iron

US Favorites:
Turquoise from various mines in the southwest
Jaspers - there are SO many amazing jaspers both in the US and abroad

International Favorites:
Oco Agate, Brazil
Ocean Jasper, Madagascar - this source has been exhausted
Seraphinite, Siberia
Larimar, Dominican Republic
Labradorite, various locations world-wide including Madagascar
Ammonite and Fossil Coral

Custom Orders

Custom orders are accepted on an individual basis.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required up front. Custom pieces are a minimum of $150 and may include extra design time fees of $50/hour if needed. I will provide an estimate up front to the best of my knowledge. The work will not begin until the deposit is received.

Turn time is a minimum of 6-8 weeks and will be discussed when providing the estimate. I require you to view my pieces/photos and show me what interests you. Please be as specific as possible and ask questions as needed. Any additional rework or changes are added at $50/hour.

I can work with your stone if it is a suitable size, shape and hardness level. I will need to see the stone to make that decision. I always have a wide variety of stones available to choose from as well. There is always some risk involved as stones can chip or break but I am as careful as possible with every stone.

I reserve the right to accept or refuse any order at any time.

Sustainable Packaging

There is so much extravagance and waste in packaging that a minimalist, eco-friendly approach is important to me. I have achieved this goal, including my labels. For those who don't know, adhesives are typically not recyclable and for a long time these type of labels required a huge minimum order that was not achievable for my small business. I order everything in bulk to avoid multiple smaller shipments that increase the carbon footprint.

Pillow boxes

  Made with recycled content

  Shipped flat for smaller package size


Logo labels

  Tree-free unbleached sugar cane paper

  Label AND adhesive compostable/recyclable

Glassine envelopes to protect pendant


Business cards and earring cards

  Made with 100% post consumer content

  Soy based inks